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Zoom Shapton Sharpening Pond
Zoom Shapton Sharpening Pond
Zoom Shapton Sharpening Pond
Zoom Shapton Sharpening Pond
Zoom Shapton Sharpening Pond

Shapton Sharpening Pond

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  • Designed to contain the water used during sharpening for easy clean-up
  • Constructed of two layers of tempered glass, housed in a heavy-duty rubber outer casing
  • Textured glass surface grips the bottom of the stone holder, insuring stones are not going to move while sharpening
  • In order to use this Sharpening Pond you will need the Shapton Glass Stone Field Holder (sold separately)
  • Made in Japan


The Shapton Sharpening Pond remains steady while sharpening, and can provide you with a stable work space even away from a sink. Sharpening generally produces a dirty slurry which often splatters over the surroundings. The Shapton Sharpening Pond offers a space wide enough for sharpening as well as for catching the water that drips off the stone. Constructed of glass and rubber, making it easy to remove dirt and keep everything clean after sharpening your blades. Your hands stay clean as you simply wash away any slurry while sharpening and enjoy working in a clean environment. This compact design makes it easy to store, but also easy to carry with you so that you can restore a blade's sharpness the moment you notice that it has deteriorated.


Made in Japan

Length: 15-3/8"
Width: 12.5"
Height: 2"
Depth: 7/8"

Item number: 50000


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